About GITER Media & Technology

Who We Are & What We Do


Who We Are, What We Do, How We Get It Done
GITER Media & Technology is a marketing and technology company providing its services to a range of small, medium size companies (SME's) and corporate clients. Since 2011, we have evolved into a full service enterprise offering scalable integrated solutions in order to help businesses overcome market barriers. Through our loyal clients and strategic partners we have grown to provide results-driven solutions to meet any challenge you may be facing, with a team ready to meet up to the challenge. Understanding, Vision, Creativity, Experience, Resources, and Enthusiasm can turn any project into an incredible success.
What We Do
Our primary focus is to help businesses do better; much better. Whether you are looking to simply streamline your processes, establish a strong brand, or grow your business you will come to understand why GITER is an integral option.
How We Get It Done
Every business is unique and a solution desired by one may vary greatly than the other. We use cross media marketing and technological tools that work in synergy to reach the desired outcome. In order to do so we utilise some, the majority, or all of the following services.
A Message from the Founder
"We've been working behind the scenes (brick by brick) with a controlled growth over the years and are proud of what we have accomplished to this point. I would like to thank all our valued clients - who are now an extension of our family - for giving us the benefit of the doubt right from the get go. I am so grateful being in this long journey of discovery and growth with you all. THANK YOU!" - Chris Kolokythas, Founder/Project Manager
What's your Story?
Grow, streamline, or maximise profits. With the proliferation of services and price wars, consumers have become accustomed to switching service providers and brands. There is only one way to differentiate yourself from the competition and stand out; that is, to become exceptional. We can help.