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Titan Steel Roofing is a family-owned business who takes pride in its workmanship and quality of product installed on your building envelope. Various styles and colours that complement any home design with all the benefits that ensure a long lasting steel roof and an elegant look and feel.



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Logo Design and Development
Logo Development

When it came to this brand, we had to come up with a name that represents something legendary with a multiple meaning emblem that represents strength, protection, roof, roofing systems, and versatile colors while maintaining earth tone colors. The Titans were immortal giants of incredible strength and were interpreted as personifications of the Earth and the Sky. We chose the name Titan to resemble something legendary and strong. The overall emblem signifies a roofing system, while the main roof in the logo is shaped as a folded uppercase Lambda... the lambda sign was originally displayed on the shields of the Spartan soldiers (in this case it's used as a sign of protection). The fold signifies the folding necessary to properly install the roofing system. For emblem colors we chose from the earth tone colour palette to signify the birth of steel in its original iron ore form derived from the earth.

Mar 2020
Business Card Design
Business Card

Designed a horizontal (landscape) two-sided business card with logo on the front (left-hand side) with a steel roof background on the right-hand side, the residential and commercial markets it represents including the types of construction. On the back, left-hand side you find the owner's information and the logo at the bottom while on the right-hand side is the same steel roof background with two earth tone colors.

Mar 2020
Web Design and Development, Domain Names, Email Setup, Web Hosting
Domain Name, Web Hosting, Email Setup, Web Development

Phase 1 website to introduce Titan Steel Roofing to new markets and link customers to information on the various tailored steel roofing systems for your building envelope.

Apr 2020
TITAN Facebook Page
Facebook Page Creation

Set up Facebook page to match the TITAN brand. The facebook page is managed by TITAN staff members.

Mar 2021