Maintenance & Cleaning Specialty Products


Since 1998, SAM has been offering Maintenance & Cleaning Specialty products to help decision makers streamline and maintain operations in facilities, institutions, and business. All the supplies you need, at your doorstep.



Logo Design and Development
Logo Development

When we tackled this logo we had to come up with a way to resemble a 23 year old company that is dependable, offers liquid and aerosol products with various chemical agents, these products are versatile, catered to all 4 sectors of the economy. Also we wanted to establish that SAM is your primary source of maintenance and cleaning products and the product arsenal includes green and food grade products. The age of the company and reliability were handled by the font. The aerosol, liquid, and chemical agents were handled by the water drop (water has a chemical formula H2O while an aerosol is a fine mist of liquid or lots of solid particles, widely and evenly dispersed throughout a gas). The bottom part of the drop represents green products. A sector is an area of the economy in which businesses share the same or related business activity, product, or service. There are four different sectors in the economy: primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary; therefore the four sectors were handled by the four borders. The primary colors represent the word primary (whereas in painting Red, yellow and blue are the primary colors, in physics and light the primary colors are red, green and blue). When you mix primary colors you get versatile colors, hence versatility of products is also intended to be represented by the primary colors.

Dec 2017
Business Card Design
Business Card

Designed a two-sided business card with Logo on the front (left-hand side) and a tilted background with the employee's information on the foreground (right-hand side) and the founding date. The logo seems to stand behind the tilted background to signify the company stands behind its people and products. The back of the card lists the major maintenance and cleaning product categories that SAM carries.

Dec 2017
Web Design and Development, Domain Names, Email Setup, Web Hosting
Domain Name, Web Hosting, Email Setup, Web Development

Developed an online product catalogue organized by the eighteen (18) division categories of maintenance and cleaning products that SAM respresents. Automotive & Fleet Products, Carpet & Floor Care Products, Cleaners, Degreasers, Food Grade & CFIA Approved Products, Grease Trap Treatments & Plumbing, Hand Care Products, Industrial Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Industrial Specialty Lubricants, Insecticides, Janitorial & Housekeeping Products, Laundry - On-Premise Laundry Facilities, Odour Control & Automatic Urinal Dispensers, Paints, Specialty Coatings, Marking Paints, Application Tools, Specialty Epoxy Putty Kits, Adhesive Sprays, Sealants, Warewashing/Kitchen Cleaning & Sanitizing Products, Washroom Cleaners & Disinfectants, Touchless, Automatic Dispensers, Quad Squad. In addition to its products, the website offers the following services: Warewash & Kitchen Maintenance, Grease Trap Maintenance & Supply, Dispenser Installation & Supply, Dilution Control & Proportioning. The website goes through the history of the company from inception to where it is today and includes various videos that either display a certain industry or demo a service.

Dec 2015
SAM Facebook Page
Facebook Page Creation

Set up Facebook page to match the SAM brand. The facebook page is managed by SAM staff members.

Dec 2015
SAM Videos
Video Production
Website Videos

Developed eight videos for use on the website and Facebook.
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Development of Marketing Material
Product Labels
Label Design for Liquid and Spray Can products

Our first and ONLY label design for hundreds of SAM product labels.

Jun 2017
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